Hi! I'm Selin.

@selinjessa · selinjessa {at} gmail {dot} com

I'm an insatiably curious reader/writer/researcher/explorer* asking questions about where climate change meets health**.

An expedition to Antarctica and a year spent working in an HIV virology lab inspired me to explore that intersection, and I believe that understanding the health impacts of climate change is important to our resilience as small communities and our sustainability as a large one. These days, I'm working on research and policy, making maps and models, and seeking at every step to build empathy and justice into and through my work.

I am based in Vancouver & Montreal. I study Immunology and Geography*** at McGill University.


dispatching fieldnotes
collecting sounds
taking pictures

**Where does climate change meet health?

***A very very broad interpretation of the constellation of my interests - infectious disease, access to care, the immune system, ecology, complex systems, cartography, GIS, environmentalism, global & public health, anti-oppression, sustainability, epidemiology, community-based participatory research...