Hi! I'm Selin.

@selinjessa · selinjessa {at} gmail {dot} com

I'm an insatiably curious 19-year-old reading, writing, researching, and organizing around questions of community health, disease and the immune system, sustainability, and where climate change meets global health.

An expedition to Antarctica and a year spent working in an HIV virology lab drew me to explore this particular constellation of topics. I am currently studying Immunology and Geography* at McGill University. These days, between classes, I'm working on research and policy around community health, making maps and models, and seeking at every step to build empathy and justice into and through my work.

I am based in Vancouver, unceded Coast Salish territory, and Montreal, traditional Kanien'kehá:ka territory.




*A very broad interpretation of the wider galaxy of my interests - infectious disease, social determinants of health, access to care, the immune system, ecology, complex systems, cartography, GIS, global & public health, anti-oppression, sustainability, epidemiology, community-based participatory research...